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Short Life History of Swami Paramandanda (Guruji) – The Founder


Swami Paramananda, our beloved Guru Maharaj was born on 25th December 1954 at a small village named Krishnadebpur, in district of Burdwan in West Bengal State in India. He was named 'Rabindranath' (full name) or ‘Rabi’ (nick name) by his parents- Father Fakir Chandra Das and Mother Nivanani Devi. Both of them were spiritually enriched. His childhood was eventful with spiritual wonders. He studied up to sixth grade and could not continue his traditional schooling due to economic challenges; however he had almost all the knowledge of the material world that a person can ever been known to have in the history of mankind. His ability to talk about any subject with deeper thought was most astonishing. It was amazing how he explained the most composite and deeper thoughts with simple words in response to any question placed before him. He went to the Himalayas at very early age and travelled the entire length and breadth of the mountains by foot. During that time he came in touch with several high spiritual personalities. Later he traveled almost all of India and felt the struggle of the orphans and street children in their everyday life– no body to take care, no one to give food. He himself felt the torture and exploitation of these kids and promise to himself to make a center for these orphan kids to help them to get out of such condition to become independent in their life.


He started to work on His “Man Making programme i.e. the Art of Life and Art of Living" to know body language, read one's mind and know Thyself. In the year 1978 as for the Divine Plan he established a Socio-spiritual Centre called PARAMANANDA MISSION. This centre was located at Banagram, a remote village in the District of Burdwan, 14 kilometres away from the nearest township, Memari. He then established an Orphanage Home at the mission to serve the helpless orphans and also to create a platform for his followers to attain perfection through Selfless Service. Later several branches of this Mission have been established to spread service to the humanity.


He said that "The world does not need more religions – we need humanity". He envisioned and established Paramananda Mission to put forward an example that the service to the humanity is the service to the living God. Moreover he told us that peace will first come within “you” and then can be spread throughout the outer world. He visited many European & Scandinavian countries, Russia and a few African countries, and all of India and showered his Blessings and Universal Love to all.



I am the Truth Unchangeable,
        Eternal and Everexisting.
I imagine the universe in it's entirety,
Imagination can never ascertain Me.
I can never be afflicted by disease and decay.
I am the Amrita Immortal.

I am the Seer, I am the Knower,
I am the Feeler and the Imaginer.
I was never created.
I am the Sole Consciousness of the universe.
The world appears in Me, exists in Me
        and merges in Me.
Creation, preservation and destruction
        do not affect Me.
I am the Mahakala,
Past, present and future do not touch Me.

I am unimaginable, infallible,
None can know Me by the power of thought.

I am the Consciousness Infinite.
I am strange and marvellous.
I cannot be expressed by speech.

I am never afflicted by disease and decay.
I am everexisting and eternal.
None can know Me by the power of mind.

I see everything,
I feel everything.
None can see Me since I am the Seer
        and not the thing seen.
I feel the body,
The body does not feel Me.

I permeate the universe.
I am independent.
I am the Refuge of All and all depends on Me.

I am unbound and everfree.
I am spotless,
Nothing can contaminate Me.

Wakening cannot know Me,
Dreams do not see Me,
Sleep cannot comprehend Me,
I imagine all these.
I only can feel Myself.

The whole universe is My imagination.
I alone exist.
I am the Amrita,
Birth and death do not affect Me.

I am no created object.
I never appeared,
Neither ever disappeared.

I am the Blissful Truth Eternal.
The universe is unable to express Me.

Food, motion, sex and sleep
        - these do not affect Me.

Creation is change,
        a process of continuous transmigration
        through appearances and disappearances.
I am apart from creation.

The inner world and the outer world
        do not know Me.
I am invisible, unknowable,
I cannot be seen,
I cannot be known.

I am the Seer, Knower and the Feeler.
I make imaginations numberless.
Ishwara is an imagination of Mine,
Allah, God, the gods and goddesses
        - all are My imagination.

I name the whole universe,
The universe cannot name Me.
I imagine all names and formes,
Name and form cannot know Me.
I am beyond all names and forms.

I cannot be known,
I am beyond knowledge.
Of all truths I am the Highest One.

I do not increase by acquiring,
Neither do I decrease by non-acquisition.
In the midst of ceaseless karma
I am Perfection.

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Words of Swami Paramananda Maharaj

Dear Atman; Life is the living idol of God. Know Him, love Him and serve Him. Know Him with your head, love Him with your heart and serve Him with your body. Life is a journey – a journey of love towards fulfillment. Love will take you Onwards, Onwards and Onwards towards the Self-Realization. Be Sincere – Be Beautiful – Be a Devine Lover. You will see that there is Bliss. God has infinite compassion.


                                                                                                 Om Shanti - Om Shanti - Om Shanti.