Shdhana Bhawan

Devotees from all parts of India and around the world come to the Mission to get the blessings of Swami Paramananda and to quench their spiritual thirst through discourse. Devotees and visitors also participate in hour long spiritual discussions through the questions and answers on various topics which are held twice a day (morning and evening). They may stay at the Sadhana Bhawan, the House is meant for meditation (Sadhana) for a few days and practice meditation through their respective "Art of Life and Art of Living" under a proper guidance. The calm and cool atmosphere and the bliss in the air, is ideal for meditation. Devotees keenly desirous to attain a spiritual upliftment may spend a few nights at this Sadhana Bhawan and practice through the process of Art of Life and Art of Living, to know the body language, read one's mind and know Thyself.


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Words of Swami Paramananda Maharaj

Dear Atman; Life is the living idol of God. Know Him, love Him and serve Him. Know Him with your head, love Him with your heart and serve Him with your body. Life is a journey – a journey of love towards fulfillment. Love will take you Onwards, Onwards and Onwards towards the Self-Realization. Be Sincere – Be Beautiful – Be a Devine Lover. You will see that there is Bliss. God has infinite compassion.


                                                                                                 Om Shanti - Om Shanti - Om Shanti.