Paramananda Mission is a spiritual organization engaged in various social activities especially in the field of destitute orphans and the ill-fated down trodden masses. The motto of the Mission is to unveil the truth that prevails based on sacrifice, peace, love, service and devotion in answering the general people. Paramananda Mission orphanage presently homes around 500 children with a 10% increase in every year. A new hostel has been constructed to accommodate these children. The orphans are provided with all the basic amenities for their livelihood. There is a plan to extend the accommodation to 700 orphans. They are getting their basic education in the Mission's School. Monks and Brahmacharis at the Mission, most of them are teachers of the Missions School, closely teach and guid these students. Apart from the regular education they are also getting spiritual education, yoga, exercise training and practice of meditation under proper guidance. Vegetarian and highly nutritious foods have been served to all with curd as a compulsory desert item for the Orphans at Lunch.


The Mission was established by Guruji with the intention for upliftment the self consciousness thru selfless service. Hence in order to attain it, 2 main aspects are to be taken utmost care i.e. Basic and Proper Education, and mentally / physically fit body. To impart proper education a 4 storied High School Building covering an area of 40,000 square feet serves the basic education. From the Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary School to the level of High School and also various other academic institutions are held such as the Sanskrit Academy Centre, the Youth Computer Training Centre, Music and folk Song Schools, Driving Training School, various Vocational Trainings. For the last few years the result for the Intermediate Examination was extraordinary.


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Words of Swami Paramananda Maharaj

Dear Atman; Life is the living idol of God. Know Him, love Him and serve Him. Know Him with your head, love Him with your heart and serve Him with your body. Life is a journey – a journey of love towards fulfillment. Love will take you Onwards, Onwards and Onwards towards the Self-Realization. Be Sincere – Be Beautiful – Be a Devine Lover. You will see that there is Bliss. God has infinite compassion.


                                                                                                 Om Shanti - Om Shanti - Om Shanti.