Aims And Objectives

Paramananda Mission is for the Individual upliftment through a specific "ART OF LIFE AND ART OF LIVING" i.e. to learn the Body Language, read one's Mind and know Thyself. Such an individual upliftment leads to a simple living, spiritual thinking and spreading of spontaneous love to the humanity. The Mission's purpose is to unveil the truth that prevails based on sacrifice, peace, love, services and devotion.


Swami Paramananda, our GuruMaharaj said that "the world does not need more religions – we need humanity". He envisioned and established Paramananda Mission to put forward an example that the "service to the human being is the service to the Living God." This most remarkable and dynamic personality told us that peace must first come within you so that it can be spread throughout the outer world. This mission and sacrifice through the service to the Living idol of God by all means is the peace-building process that will take us to everlasting joy and bliss.



Words of Swami Paramananda Maharaj

Dear Atman; Life is the living idol of God. Know Him, love Him and serve Him. Know Him with your head, love Him with your heart and serve Him with your body. Life is a journey – a journey of love towards fulfillment. Love will take you Onwards, Onwards and Onwards towards the Self-Realization. Be Sincere – Be Beautiful – Be a Devine Lover. You will see that there is Bliss. God has infinite compassion.


                                                                                                 Om Shanti - Om Shanti - Om Shanti.